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Current Policies & Advisories in Waltham

On 05/19/2022, the Waltham Board of Health issued a citywide mask advisory due to a surge in positive COVID-19 cases and rising coronavirus levels in regional wastewater. It is strongly recommended that all residents wear masks when indoors and around others, that all eligible residents stay up-to-date on vaccines and boosters, avoid crowded spaces when possible and get tested for COVID-19 when exhibiting symptoms. 

Private businesses reserve the right to set their own requirements. Per the State of MA, mask requirements will remain in certain Locations such as on transportation provided by the Commonwealth's Human Service Transportation (HST) Brokerage, healthcare facilities, and more. See the full outline/requirements here.

Vaccination Information

As of now, everyone age 6 months and older who lives, works, or studies in MA is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine! The COVID-19 Vaccine is free and one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you from getting sick from COVID-19. 

Please continue to follow health and safety guidelines until you are Up-To-Date with your vaccine and make sure to continue to seek testing and take precautions if you have symptoms.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing is available to all MA residents - Testing is not restricted to residents of the cities where sites are located.

** NOTE - Have any iHealth at-home test kits? The FDA recently extended the expiration date of these kits

Data Dashboard 

COVID-19 Dashboard (as of September 29, 2022)

Total Confirmed Cases 




Total Confirmed Cases

(Last 14 Days+)




Change in Case Count

(Last 14 Days+)




Total Tests Performed




Total Tests Performed

(Last 14 Days+)




Total Positive Tests

(Last 14 Days+)




Percent Positivity





Change in Percent Positivity

(Last 14 Days+)



No Change

Waltham Incidence Rate

per 100,000 Residents

(Last 14 Days+)



*Data reported from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

+Last 14 Days = 09/11/22 to 09/24/22

CDC COVID-19 Community Level for Middlesex County is MEDIUM


1. Get tested if you have symptoms


2. Stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations


3. If you are at high risk for severe illness, talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions.


4. People may choose to mask at any time. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask.


If you are immunocompromised learn how to protect yourself.

*For additional data on COVID-19 in MA, please see here

COVID-19 Deaths (as of September 29, 2022)
Total Deaths CY 2020Total Deaths CY 2021Total Deaths YTD 2022







*Data reported from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health [includes confirmed & probable cases]

CY = Calendar Year (Jan 1 to Dec 31)

YTD = Year-to-Date (Jan 1 to Sep 29, 2022)

COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard (as of September 28, 2022)

Total Fully Vaccinated Residents




Fully Vaccinated

Residents per Capita




Total Residents with at least one dose




Residents with at least

one dose per capita



Total Residents with First Booster Dose




Residents with first booster dose

per capita




Total Residents with Second Booster Dose




Residents with second booster dose

per capita




*Data reported from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health 

+Population Total 2020 Census = 65,218

*For additional data on COVID-19 vaccinations in MA, please see here


Current News / Announcements

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  • 8/31/22: The FDA authorized emergency use of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent COVID-19 boosters as a single dose at least two months following primary or booster vaccination. The updated boosters provide protection against the original strain of COVID-19 and the omicron variant.  
  • 8/22/22: The CDC announced their recommendation of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine for individuals aged 12 through 17 following the FDA's approval for emergency use. The Novavax vaccine is now approved under emergency use authorization (EUA) for individuals 12 and older. 
  • 8/15/22: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) updates the COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine guidance for the general public following updated guidance from the CDC. 
  • 7/19/22: The CDC recommends the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 18 years and older. The Novavax vaccine is a protein-based vaccine that uses harmless protein fragments of the virus to teach the immune system how to spot the virus and fight it off.
  • 6/18/22: Following FDA authorization, the CDC recommends that all children 6 months through 5 years of age should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Approved vaccines include the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to 4 years and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to 5 years
  • 5/24/22: The CDC issues guidance about Rebound COVID-19 after treatment with Paxlovid
  • 5/20/22: The FDA and CDC approved an initial booster dose for individuals 5-11 years of age. This booster dose should be administered at least 5 months after the second primary series dose, for a total of 3 doses. 
  • 5/05/22: The FDA limited the authorized use of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 18 years of age and older for whom other authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines are not accessible or clinically appropriate, and to individuals 18 years of age and older who elect to receive the Janssen vaccine because they would otherwise not rceive a COVID-19 vaccine.


Text "COVIDMA" to 888-777 to receive COVID-19 text message alerts straight to your phone and stay up to date with the latest news + updates from the Commonwealth. If your questions cannot be answered from the information on these websites please call the State of Massachusetts Info Line @ 211 (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mass 211 responds field calls and directs callers to services most appropriate for their needs. Toll-free number: 1-877-211-MASS (6277); Hearing impaired: 508-370-4890 TTY)