The Waltham Traffic Commission approved restricting vehicular traffic on Moody Street starting the week of May 1st, continuing until October 31st, 2021, to assist our downtown restaurants and small businesses in better serving their customers safely during this unprecedented time. Starting on May 1st 2021, a portion of Moody Street will be closed 24/7 to vehicular & bike traffic (only open to pedestrian traffic) and businesses will be open and available for outdoor dining. Please see below for a detailed map in both English & Spanish.

If you're a business that would like to participate and use the parking space(s) outside your restaurant to allow for outdoor dining to increase business activity and revenues in a safe and responsible way, please see this guidance / step-by-step instruction manual. Before any public parking or contiguous spaces are used for the benefit of the restaurant, owners must submit the form attached to Darlene Wansiewicz via email at


  • What is the plan for outside dining and retail on upper Moody Street between High Street and Derby Street? 
    Outside dining is available using the parking spaces in front of the restaurant. To apply for a permit please email Darlene Wansiewicz at
  • How will this affect traffic & parking from High Street to Crescent/Pine Street?
    Vehicular traffic and bike traffic will not be permitted on Moody Street and will only be open to pedestrian traffic starting May 1st through October 31st 2021. THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: The block between Chestnut Street and Walnut Street is open to vehicular traffic and parking. See a map of all our available lots here & see maps below for detour plans (Click on the maps for a full print version in both English & Spanish):

    Middle Moody Street:
    traffic map English     spanish

    Upper Moody Street:
    upper moody     2
  • Can my business participate in outdoor dining, even if I'm not located on Moody Street?
    Yes. the Waltham Traffic Commission voted unanimously to set up a process for any small business that wants to provide outdoor seating/services. To get started, fill out this form and you will immediately be put in touch with Darlene Wansiewicz who will get the process started. You will not need to go before the commission. This is set up on a case by case basis. See outdoor dining Safety Plan & Guidelines for Licensee's.
  • Will there be emergency vehicle and delivery access?

    A fire lane has been created along Moody Street for emergency access. This fire lane is 15 feet wide, and has been delineated by orange spray paint. No tables or any other obstructions are permitted within this fire lane at any time. However, pedestrians are free to walk within the fire lane up and down Moody Street. Delivery trucks will be allowed to access the closed zone in the mornings (until 10am) by arriving at Moody Street/Crescent Street/Pine Street. An officer will allow delivery trucks to enter at that point in the mornings. No other vehicles will be permitted. After 10am, delivery trucks must make their deliveries via streets to the rear of the buildings along Moody Street.

  • What will restaurants be doing to ensure my safety?
    Hand sanitizer will be available and face masks will be worn. They will have paper menus, however it's recommended that you look at menus online beforehand to reduce touching of shared menus. All must wear a face covering or mask when leaving their table. See outdoor dining safety for full overview of safety plan. 

  • Will outdoor spaces be dog friendly and smoking friendly? 
    Per the Waltham Health Department: Smoking is not allowed in outdoor dining areas. Service animals are the ONLY animals allowed in outdoor dining areas, all other pets not allowed.

  • Will bathrooms be available?
    Yes, hand sanitizer will be available and restaurant bathrooms will be allowed for use. You must wear a face covering or mask when leaving the table.

  • How will this affect trash & recycling pick-up?
    There is no impact for trash & recycling pick up for residents or businesses
  • Will Waltham's Tick-Tock Trolley still run?
    Not at this time.
  • Will alcohol be served?
    Yes, beer, wine and liquor can be served in the outdoor dining areas to any restaurant that already has an existing liquor license. Any questions? Contact the License Commission
  • How will this affect bus routes?
    The MBTA buses that normally stop along this section of Moody Street have all been diverted to Crescent Street. This includes Bus Routes 170, 505, 553, 554, and 556. There are already bus stops on Crescent Street for Bus Route 558. The diverted buses will also use these existing bus stops on Crescent Street. Information regarding us MBTA routes and stops can be found at
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