In case you missed it, the decision regarding a potential mask mandate in Waltham has been tabled to the next meeting of the Board of Health on Wednesday, September 29th.

The Board received nearly 700 online submissions from the public regarding their thoughts on masks. About 60% were in favor, and 40% against. At the public meeting, many came to support their views on both sides. While some neighboring cities have implemented mask mandates, enforcing them is tricky. At this time, with COVID-19 rates trending down in Waltham, and more than two-thirds of our resident base vaccinated, the Board will continue to monitor the statistics before making any mandate decisions. As a reminder, masks are required inside all City of Waltham Municipal buildings, including our public schools.

We encourage all our residents to continue to remain vigilant against the spread of COVID-19, and to follow what best suits them and their families. If you or anyone you know in Waltham needs help scheduling a COVID vaccine, call the Health Department at 781-314-3314. See the latest COVID-19 stats in Waltham and more here