Do you have rats / rodents? Have you seen a rat / rodent in Waltham? Report it to our Health Inspectors online here

Do you have rats / rodents? Have you seen a rat / rodent in Waltham? Report it to our Health Inspectors online here

*See a Rat / Rodent? Report it online here!*

Many variables may have come into play if rats are on or near your property. Our Inspectors have the knowledge and know all the variables. This is the ONLY online reporting form that is submitted directly to the Health Department for investigation/mitigation.

There have been a lot of rat sightings in Waltham and surrounding cities & towns. Rodents tend to live in cities near people because they can find suitable food, water, and shelter. There are many ways we can all work together to control rodent populations in our community. Simple property maintenance and proper refuse disposal practices can decrease the rodent populations. The Waltham Health Department has also been aggressively performing inspections to help decrease the rat population.

The City of Waltham Health Department will continue to work together with residents, business owners, and other City Departments to promote a better understanding of rat / rodent behavior and how to minimize their presence and impact on our community. Our inspectors are committed to rodent control and providing educational information to the public. By working together, we can keep our neighborhoods clean and healthy.


  1. How is proper trash storage being enforced?
    The City of Waltham has an ordinance that requires all trash be put in a barrel with a tight fitting lid, or property owners are subject to fines. Trash cannot be left at the curb for pick-up in plastic bags where it is easily accessible. This ordinance is being strictly enforced, and the Health Department has Inspectors out daily to flag properties with improper trash storage. First offenses will receive a written warning. Citations will follow. Inspectors have also been passing out and posting flyers in areas and neighborhoods where there are frequent trash issues/rat sightings. If you’d like to report improper storage of trash, you can contact the Health Department at 781-314-3305 or the Public Works Department at 781-314-3855.
  2. What other steps is the city taking to reduce the rat population?
    The city has replaced their rat poison traps (which are harmful to other wildlife) with non-rodenticide treatments on all City properties, including the use of Contrapest (which is a rat reproductive interrupter). When delivered cumulatively over time, there is a proven 95% reduction in litter sizes of rats treated with ContraPest.
  3. How can we manage rat populations during construction?
    Anyone doing demolition or construction work (houses, garages, etc) has to have pest control before they demolish, and up to the time the project is complete. This is a requirement as part of the City of Waltham’s demolition permit.
  4. The trash collectors lost or broke my trash lid. Who can I report this to?
    Call the Public Works Department at 781-314-3855.
  5. How can I safeguard my home from rodents?
    See here for tips from the CDC