Be on the lookout for phishing email scams!

Phishing is an attempt to steal personal data where a thief sends an email claiming to be from a legitimate business, a government agency, or a financial institution. The email often asks you to confirm or update your account information, or may ask for you for various forms of personal information. The thief then can use your personal information to commit identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Here are some common red flags to watch out for before clicking any links, opening any attachments, or calling to "verify" your personal data:

• Grammatical errors or misspellings
• Low quality or disorganized graphics or logos
• A generic greeting used instead of your name
• The sender’s name does not match the email address
• The sender’s email domain does not match the company the party claims to represent (hover over the email address)
• The email has a sense of urgency or warning of consequences if you do not respond

See more info/tips from Mass Gov here: & here: