Yard Waste pick-up begins for B-week residents

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:00am

EZ Disposal & Recycling collects Yard Waste every other week, alternating according to your address (A-week or B-week). Collection BEGINS on April 9th for A-week residents, and on April 17th for B-week residents. 

To find out what your Yard Waste week is (A-Week or B-Week), see our yard waste map here: http://bit.ly/yardwastemap and enter your street address in the search box in the upper left. Follow the instructions on the left of the page - Click on the colored area around your address to see your YW & Recycling/Trash details. 

You can then navigate to the full Recycling, Trash, Yard Waste & Special Collections calendar/schedule here on page 3: https://www.city.waltham.ma.us/sites/walthamma/files/uploads/2018-2019_r...