Auxiliary Fire Department

The Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department is a force of 19 volunteer firefighters (two captains,  four lieutenants, twelve firefighter, and one firefighter on probation ) providing support to the Waltham Fire Department. The Auxiliary department is funded by, and day to day control falls under the Emergency Management Department, but when they respond to a fire, the department comes under the control of the Waltham Fire Department.

The primary duties of the department are to support the fire department during multiple alarm fires and other emergencies. The department provides emergency lighting at the scene of a fire and the capability of refilling the firefighter's breathing air (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) at the incident.


Community Service 
The Auxiliary Fire Department represents the Waltham Fire Department and the City of Waltham at parades and other events in surrounding communities. The Department also provides power and lighting for City activities such as the Fourth of July, the Spanish festival, the Christmas lighting ceremony and at fireworks displays

Although a volunteer fire department, the department follows a formal written standard operating procedures for all of their operations. As the auxiliary department is under the control of the Waltham Fire Department during fire operations, they also follow all of the rules and procedures of that department. The members receive specialized  training on the lighting plant and air supply unit and firefighter training on the job and classroom and hands on training at the Meadowood County Area Fire Academy in New Hampshire. Several of the firefighters are Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). The members also attend Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) seminars and classes and participate in training and drills with other communities. Topics of this training includes hazardous materials, anti-terrorism, incident command, and Computer Assisted Management of Emergency Operations. Training for the department is overseen by the senior officers, most having more than twenty-five years of auxiliary firefighting experience. Applicants for membership in the department must complete a detailed application similar to the one used by the Waltham Fire Department, formal interviews and a background check by the Waltham Police prior to being accepted into the training program. Only after a satisfactory six-month probation period is a member sworn into the Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department.

Volunteer Opportunities 
Individuals interested in the fire service or considering a career in firefighting are encouraged to apply for membership in the Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department. Many former Waltham Auxiliary firefighters have gone on to become career firefighters and officers in municipal fire departments. These positions are volunteer (non-paid) and on-call. The work may involve strenuous activity and heavy lifting and applicants must be at least 18 years old. A Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department membership application, interview and background check is required. To request an application, to schedule an interview, or if you additional information, mail a written request to the Waltham Auxiliary Fire Department, 27 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452, or e-mail Captain Stephen Doe of the Waltham Fire Department @