Auditor’s Department

The City Auditor, as the City’s chief financial office, provides overall financial planning, accounting and budgeting for the City.  The City Auditor, as the financial advisor to the Mayor, City Council and all other City departments provides the information needed for the solution of the many daily and emergency problems of municipal finance administration.  The City Auditor is responsible for the processing and the management of the payroll and accounts payable systems, including approvals of all bills/payrolls and contracts.  The City Auditor is responsible for the administration of the City’s capital planning and related debt management, including serving as the City’s chief contact with bond rating agencies.  The City Auditor administers the activities of the employees’ medical insurance program and several other employee benefit programs.  The City Auditor is the liaison with the City’s independent financial auditor.  The City Auditor serves as the City’s principal negotiator for collective bargaining with the City’s nine collective bargaining organizations.  The City Auditor reports to the Mayor and has the overall responsibility for planning, budgeting, directing and coordinating departmental operations.  The City Auditor serves as the Clerk of the Finance Committee and the Committee of the Whole.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul G. Centofanti City Auditor (781) 314-3222
Virginia A. Bergin Assistant City Auditor (781) 314-3226
Laura Doane Business Manager (781) 314-3227
Andrew Malis Accountant (781) 314-3225
Kathy Iannetta Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3219
Lisa Leger Office Coordinator (781) 314-3224