Because of a severe physical challenge, I communicate with a TTY (teletypewriter). Can I call 911?

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A.  Yes, you can!

If the answering position unit that you connect to receives a signal (such as it would if you keyed your spacebar or other key) from a TTY, the unit will automatically change to the proper answering mode. You will then be asked, with a pre-programmed message, for the type of emergency service you are requesting. Simply answer the questions you are asked through your device and help will be on the way. If, however, no signal is detected, the call will be treated as a SILENT CALL. The unit will be switched manually to the TTY mode by the person answering the call and the same pre-programmed message will be sent. If no reply is received after a short time in TTY mode. The call will be switched back to voice mode and further voice instructions will be given to you.