Water & Sewer

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MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 40 SECTION 42A: "If the rates and charges due to a city…for supplying or providing for water or rendering service …to or for any real estate at the request of the owner or tenant are not paid on or before their due date as established by local regulations, ordinances or by-laws, which due dates shall be so established as to require payments at least as often as semi-annually, such rates and charges together with interest and costs relative to shall be a lien upon said real estate…"

Water bills are issued quarterly in each of the four districts, if you do not receive a bill you can contact the water department (781) 314-3810 to receive a copy. Bills are due 30 days from the date of the bill and unpaid amounts accrue interest at 1% per month. To pay your bill on-line click here

Bills that are overdue when the City calculates its actual tax bills are transferred from water to real estate along with interest and a $25.00 fee, in the form of a water & sewer lien.


  1. Who should I call with questions regarding my water bill?
  2. I am moving or have already moved who do I tell?
  3. Can I make partial payments?