Street Sweeping

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Monday & Friday  5am - 7am (Weekly)

Main St. ( From Newton St to Banks Sq)

Moody St. (Entire Length)

Around City Hall

** Weather Permitting**

Starting Tuesday July 28th Until completion

Glen Meadows West Trapelo Rd, over Rte 128, Kingston Rd. to Smith St. including South side of Smith St back towards Lexington St. /sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_7.pdf

Trapelo Rd. over Rte. 128, Dead ends off Smith St., Lincoln St. Dead end./sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_6.pdf

Doty St. section to Gilman Rd, Forest St Section, Forest Cir. to Harrington Rd., Shade St. area. /sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_2.pdf

Tip Top section,Shirley Rd,Marlborough Rd. Section. Briarwood Rd. to Nancy Cir./sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_1.pdf

The lanes Section, Totten Pond Rd. Dead ends, Stanley Rd to Chesterbrook Rd. /sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_9.pdf

Warrendale Proper,Rosehill way to Warren St., Warrendale Poet Section./sites/walthamma/files/u142/route_19.pdf