Street Sweeping

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Monday & Friday  5am - 7am (Weekly)

Main St. ( From Newton St to Banks Sq)

Moody St. (Entire Length)

Around City Hall

** Weather Permitting**

Starting Tuesday April 7th Until completion

Moody St. from Main St. to Newton line.

Crescent St.

Adams St.

Robbins St. from Adams St. to Crescent St.

Maple St.

Prospect St.

Hospital Area

Charles St.

Felton St.

Russell St.

Grant St. from Main St. to Charles St.

Starting Wednesday April 8th Until completion

Main St. from Moody St. to Watertown line

Newton St.

Elm St.

Carter St.

Central St.

Pine St.

Benefit St.

Lowell St.

Hall St.

High St.

Derby St.

Parmenter Rd.