Trash Disposal Information

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For additional information, please see our Trash & Recycling Brochure


Waltham’s Trash disposal company as of October 1, 2005 is Capitol Waste, Inc.  Waltham has a weekly curbside trash collection program.   There is no drop off site for trash in Waltham.  If your trash is not picked up on your scheduled day, please call the Street Department at 781-314-3855.  Waltham’s trash is picked up curbside, and sent to Covanta SEMASS, a waste to energy combustion facility where it is burned. The ash is then sent to a landfill. Please make note that when there is a holiday, the trash & recycling pick-up schedule is delayed one day that entire week. Please click here to see a full list of holiday delays.

Each year, Americans generate millions of tons of waste…call it garbage, refuse, or trash….It’s the waste we produce in our homes and communities.  We throw it into cans, and dumpsters, and put it out for pickup, but this waste plus our neighbors and everyone else’s really adds up.

In order to save our tax dollars and our environment
Waltham Residents can do the following:




To Help You Get Started

  • Reduce Your Packaging: Buy bulk or concentrated products when you can.
  • Reduce Toxicity or Learn How: Recycle your batteries and use batteries with reduced mercury.
  • Select Reusable Products: Sturdy, washable utensils, tableware, cloth napkins, and dishcloths can be used many times.
  • Use Durable Products: Choose furniture, sports equipment, toys, and tools that will stand the test of time.
  • Reuse Products: Reuse newspaper, boxes, shipping "peanuts," and "bubble wrap" to ship packages.
  • Recycle Automotive Products: Take car batteries, antifreeze, and motor oil to participating recycling centers.
  • Buy Products Made From Recycled Material: Many bottles, cans, cereal boxes, containers, and cartons are made from recycled material.
  • Compost or Learn How: Food scraps and yard waste can become natural soil conditioners.
Recycling at Home

Trash Disposal Companies For a Fee

The companies below provide various disposal services for a fee.

Company Name Phone Number

1-800-Got Junk

Clean Out Your House, Inc. 
Specialize in cleaning out your house and removing all unwanted items and materials

pick-up (fee charged)


1-800-Junk-It 617-630-9622

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Product Alternative
Air conditioner See: Appliances
Ammunition Ammunition can be brought to the Waltham Police Department and they will destroy it.
Appliances Call Capitol Waste at (617)569-1718.
Can be picked up on your recycling day, just let company know that it will be outside.
Ask your new appliance provider if they will pick up your old appliance with a new purchase.
Asbestos Call Clean Harbors Environmental Services at (781) 235-7600 to dispose of asbestos.
Automobiles Recycle for Gold
Special Olympics
1-800-590-1600 Will pick up

Mothers against Drunk Driving
Will pick up

National Kidney Foundation
Call to donate.

American Lung Association 1-800-300-5864
Call to donate.

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Product Alternative

Baby/Toddler Supplies


Diapers, food, blankets, clothes. Christ Church, 750 Main St, T,Th 10-2. Call Sally Lobo 781-893-6034 (Benefits low-income women)


Battery (lithium, lead, and button, alkaline)

See: Battery Disposal

Alkaline Batteries- These are your traditional AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt batteries. All batteries made since 1994 contain no added mercury and only contain trace amounts that are not hazardous. Because of this they CAN be disposed of in your regular trash. Alkaline batteries will be labeled with “no added mercury” or with a green tree logo.

All other batteries must be treated as hazardous waste.

Rechargeable batteries- Visit Call2Recycle and enter Waltham to find drop-off locations to recycle rechargeable batteries for free. Home Deport, Radio Shacks, and Staples.

Lithium, lead, button, and other- These are hazardous. Many stores selling watches or hearing aids will accept used button batteries.  Home Depot will accept  and lithium batteries for power tools, such as drills, saws, lights, etc.   Staples will accept batteries free of charge.  Otherwise, bring to the Minuteman Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. (See: Hazardous Waste.)

Biological & Infectious Waste The Massachusetts DEP is currently updating their website. Check back for future availability.
Books Hands across the Water: 781-438-4051;

More than Words.  Empowers disadvantaged youth to take charge of the business. Will take books, audiobooks, university publishers, music CD's, DVD & VHS, videogames. Drop off. 781-788-0035

Waltham Library.  781-314-3425

Got Books? 978-327-7614: will take books, CDs, DVDs, records, cell phones, comic books, audio books

Bottles and Cans (Redeemable) Can be recycled. Rinse, clean, and crush.

324 North Franklin Street, Holbrook, MA 02343
781-961-4041 or email

Eagle Bottle and Can Redemption Center will come to your business or home to set up recycling containers free of charge.
They will pick up your recycling on a weekly or monthly schedule free of charge.
Eagle will also pay you 5 cents for each container they empty.

Waverly Redemption Center
23 Summer Ave.  (off of Summer St.)
Waltham  MA 
(781) 373-2180
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm, Sat 8:30am - 3:30pm

Gordon’s Liquors
892 Main Street
ONLY accept brands they sell
No more than 5 cases at a time.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Remove batteries.  Throw detector in regular trash.

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Product Alternative
Carpets Capitol Waste
617-569-1718 or 1-866-569-1718
Carpets cannot be wider than 4 feet, rolled and tied, and not more than 30-40 lbs.
Cardboard Flatten corrugated cardboard boxes. Only refrigerator boxes need to be cut in half. Secure flattened boxes under recycling bin.
Cell Phones

Waltham Land Trust - Leave cell phones outside the door at UMass Field Station, 240 Beaver St, Room 105.

American Legion, Waverly Oaks Rd & Beaver St (781-647-0156). 11 AM-12 midnight. Drop off at Members Bar, 258 Wav Oaks Rd.

Take old cell phones to RadioShack (781-899-4620) or AT&T (781-890-9366); both located in Waltham.

If you have an iPhone, you may return it to an Apple store for 10% off of your next phone.

Christmas trees and wreathes Christmas Trees can be recycled and will be picked up at curbside for 3 weeks following Christmas. Remove all decorations. No wreaths with metal backing.
Cleaning Supplies (rug cleaner, wood preservatives, aerosol cans, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, bleach, etc) see: Hazardous Waste

Take both remaining product and empty containers as the containers may still contain residue.

Coal Not hazardous, can throw it in the trash.
Computer Capitol Waste Pick-up curbside on your regular trash day. Call ahead for appointment. 617-569-1718

For Apple equipment, purchase a prepaid shipping label from the Electronic Recycling Program at
The $30 (US) fee covers all costs associated with shipping used products to the Apple recycling vendor.

Construction Waste
(asphalt, concrete, bricks, etc)
American Reclamation Corporation
Charlton, MA
Contact: Toby Tyler
Weathered asphalt, clay bricks, and with and without rebar. concrete slab or decking.

Also accept petroleum-contaminated soil. Attached mortar normally used in construction rubble may not be coated with any substance.
Call for further info. 1-508-248-3777

Call Capital Waste at 617-569-1718 if you have a question regarding what is considered construction debris.

CEL, Inc.
Belmont, MA
Chris Lavoie

Barry Bros.
Newton, MA

See Construction Waste brochure on Recycling Homepage for more information.

Cooking Oil (i.e. from a Turkey Fryer) see: Hazardous Waste
Copy Machine Capitol Waste will take small household copiers only. Call to schedule a pick up at 617-569-1718 or 866-569-1718

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Product Alternative
Dehumidifiers Call Capitol Waste (617-569-1718) and let them know that you have a dehumidifier. Then put it out with your regular trash.
Doors see: Construction Waste
Dryer see: Appliances
DVD Player Call Capitol Waste 617-569-1718. Pick-up curbside on your regular trash day. Call ahead for appointment.

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Product Alternative
Electronics Capitol Waste 617-569-1718 to pick-up TV's & Computers curbside on your regular trash day. Monitors only. Call ahead for appointment.

Best Buy
Regardless of where you bought it, what brand it is, or how old it is, just about anything electronic including TV's, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, cell phones, and more.  Most things are recycled free with a few restrictions. For program details, go to the Best Buy website,; select Massachusetts under drop down menu. 

Staples.  Take back certain electronics of any brand at no charge - computers & appendages;desktop copiers, fax machines, PC speakers, shredders, phone, UPS battery backkup,,, GPS devices, MP3 players, dignital camcorders & cameras. 

Costco.  Trade in electronic gadgets for Costco cash.  Laptops, cell phones, LCD moniotrs, digital cameras, MP3 players, gaming systems & more.

Electronics, including DVD player, can be recycled at curbside with televisions,computers, and appendages.

iPads.  Apple donates iPads to Teach for America.

Walmart, Framingham, MA. Trade in a wide variety of electronics - cell phones, laptops, cameras, desktop computers - in exchange for eGift cards.

Surplus Technology Solutions, 617-835-3208

136 Berkeley St, Waltham MA



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Product Alternative

Fire extinguisher



Food Waste Recycling

Capital does not pick up fire extinguishers.

Contact Keane Fire and Safety Equipment
1500 Main St. Waltham, MA 781-899-6565 will take for a fee.

Lexington Minuteman Facility does accept fire extinguishers - for pick-up of food waste


Furniture Old furniture that is not donated should be put out at the curb on your regular trash day.

Clean Out Your House Inc. 781-826-3120
Waltham, MA
Fee charged


Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
781-595-7570 x13
Furniture bank for those moving out of homelessness
Will pick up large items.

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Product Alternative
Gasoline Empty Gas Cans can be put in the trash with the lid off.

Moody Street Mobile NO LONGER accepts gasoline or oil

Take hazardous flammable fluids (ie. gasoline, oil, used or unused to the Minuteman Hazardous Facility in Lexington. see: hazardous waste)

263 Howard Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Accepts residential drop off by appointment only call 978-453-7772. There is a $5.00/per gallon fee.

Gas grills Capitol Waste 1-617-569-1718 or 1-866-569-1718
Gas grills go out with the trash.
Do not call for pick up. REMOVE TANK
Glass Glass and broken glass should be put in a box or barrel for trash. Mark it clearly glass, do not put in a bag

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Product Alternative
Hazardous Waste Residents take their hazardous products to the Minuteman Hazardous Products Facility in Lexington, MA one day per month, April – November.

Please consult the recycling calendar or call the Recycling Department for the next date. Limit your trips to once per season.
While Waltham residents are not charged, the city is charged by the car. Bring a Waltham ID – license or Waltham bill.

For more hazardous waste information, please view our pamphlet

Heater (gas, water)

Call Capitol Waste (617)-569-1718 and tell them you will be leaving it out.

Holiday Cards

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (800) 492-3562
Mail tops of cards only in packs of 10 to:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
100 St. Jude’s Street
Boulder City, NV 89005-1618  

Helium Tanks

Return to company where you bought it.  Look for name on tank.

Middlesex Gases  508-879-7820 take unidentified tanks there.

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Product Alternative
Invasive Plants (poison ivy, kudzu, etc) Dry out plants and seal in plastic bag before disposing in the trash.

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Product Alternative
Junk Mail

Catalog Choice. Go to Create account, free of charge. Use Search Box to find company (for elimination of mail) and submit the opt-out. If you get mail from that business again, Catalog Choice will follow up for you.

Mass Recycle, Inc.
For tax exempt donation they will send you a booklet of options to stop junk mail P.O. Box 3111, Worcester, MA 01603

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Product Alternative
Kitty litter Throw away in trash. Never flush since litter can clog pipes.
If possible, use biodegradable plant based litter such as a kitty litter.

Or you can make your own from newspaper:

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Product Alternative
Laundry materials (bleach, detergent, spot remover, starch) see: Hazardous Waste
Lawn mower

Can go out in trash. Call Capitol Waste
1-866-569-1718 or 617-569-1718

Power Mower - drain gas and put out for trash.

Ride Mower - Call for private hauler for pick-up.  Capitol will NOT pick up.

Leaves see: Yard Waste
Light Bulb (fluorescent &compact fluorescent /CFL) see: Hazardous Waste (CFL)

Home Depot has launched a CFL recycling program in all of their stores.  Put in any plastic bag and deposit in the orange CFL bins at the front of the store.

Cleaning up broken bulbs. See MERCURY, below

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Product Alternative
Matches see: Hazardous Waste
Mattresses Mattresses can go in the trash.

TO RECYCLE MATTRESSES  Conigliaro Industries 888 266-4425.  Accept and recycle all types of bedding and furniture items.
Contact website for price quotes and additional information.


Waltham Police Station Lobby Kiosk, 155 Lexington St, open 24 hours, seven days/week. - prescriptions (medications, patches and ointments), vitamins, over-the-counter medications, samples, medications for pets. The kioskj will not accept needles (sharps), thermometers, hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, aerosol cans, ointments, lotions or any liquids, such as cough syrup.  Businesses and Clinics may not dispose medications in the kiosk.

Residents may take other unused, unneeded, or expired prescription drugs or medications out of their original containers and put them in impermeable, non-descript containers, such as empty cans or sealable bags. After you have done this, you can throw them away in the regular trash.
DO NOT flush down the sink or toilet unless specifically advised on bottle.

Contact your doctor to see if he or she offers a medicine disposal program.

Mercury Mercury Cleanup Hotline
1-866-9Mercury or 1-866-667-2879

A professional crew should handle spills other than thermometer or fluorescent bulb.
Any spill over 2 tablespoons MUST be reported to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
Call 1-800-462-0444

Metal Levine Max & Co. 978-454-7786
270 Tanner Street
Lowell, MA

Pays for cast iron metal only. Accepts all kind of metal.

Richardson Walter, Inc.
40 Bennett Street
Somerville MA
Accepts and pays for all kinds of metal. Ferrous and Non-ferrous $0.10 $0.5/lb according to type

Solomon Metals Corp
781-581-7000 accepts and pays for non-ferrous metals only

Framingham Metal Salvage - Accepts ferrous and non-ferrous for rebate money
120 Waverly St, Framingham, MA


Microwave Microwaves may be put out with the regular trash.
Mirror The best way to get rid of a usable mirror would be to donate it. See Donations.
Otherwise break it, put pieces in closed cardboard box, and label "BROKEN GLASS" on it.
Can be put in regular trash.
Motor Oil

Option 1.

Click Here for Hazardous Waste Brochure

Option 2

A&A Waste Oil
307 Warren Street
Waltham, MA


Moving boxes Rentacrates
Rentacrates and Rentacrate dollies are alternative to cardboard boxes

Benezra Boxes
Will pick up used moving
Boxes in good condition.

MP3 Player, iPod iPods may be returned to an Apple store for 10% off of your next iPod purchase.

All MP3 units may be recycled through

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Product Alternative
Needles See Syringes.

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Product Alternative

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Product Alternative
Paint See: Paint Disposal.

Oil-based paint should be taken to the Minuteman Facility in Lexington. See: Hazardous Waste.

Latex (water-based) only: dry out and dispose of can in the trash with the lid OFF.


Can be recycled curbside. No food soiled paper/boxes, no wax lined paper cups, and no pizza boxes.
If you can rip it with your hands, you can recycle it!

Businesses may contact to recycle larger amounts of paper.
Also sells recycled toner and cartridges.

Pesticide (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, rat poison, etc) see: Hazardous Waste

Bring both remaining product and empty containers as containers may retain chemical residue.

Photography  photographic supplies Boston Recovery Co., Inc.
960 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021

Will dispose of photographs, scrap film silver flake, silver recovery equipment and scrap aluminum
(note: and photography Chemicals must be taken to the Minuteman Hazardous Products Facility in Lexington -- see: Hazardous Waste)

Plastic bags (grocery, shopping) You can bring your plastic bags back to the supermarket (Shaws, Stop & SHop, or Hannaford accept all types of plastic bags)

Plastic Container (milk jug, yogurt container, soda bottle, detergent bottle, etc)

Rinse clean and crush before putting in recycling bin.
Poison Ivy & Invasive or Noxious Plants The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Small (residential) quantities of invasive, diseased or noxious plant material, should not be composted, itcan be disposed with the trash.  For large quantities, generators should contact their regional Mass DEP office to request a disposal waiver.
Pots, Pans Reuse, donate, or dispose of in regular trash. Here is the donation website.
Think about keeping as a starter set for a family member if the cookware is in usable condition
Prescription Medication

See Medications.

Printer Cartridge

800 Lexington Street, Waltham
Will recycle small and large toner cartridges as well as inkjet and laser.

Can also print pre-paid shipping label from: and send back cartridges to receive $2 back in Staples Rewards for each cartridge.

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Product Alternative

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Product Alternative
Refrigerator Capitol Waste
617-569-1718 or 1-866-569-1718
Call to schedule pick up remove doors, must be kept upright. Put at curbside. Pick ups will occur on your regular Recycling and Trash Day.

Prospect Iron and Steel
Waltham ,MA
Refrigerator must be purged of freon. $45 charge call for pick up

R.H.B. Removal and Salvage
Framingham, MA

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Product Alternative
Sharps See Syringes.
Sink Capitol Waste does not pick up sinks.
See: Construction Waste
Smoke Detector Send them back to the manufacturer via ground mail.

A popular manufacturer is:
First Alert, Radioactive Waste Disposal
780 McClure Rd,
Aurora, IL 60504-2495

Smoke detectors can be put out with the regular trash after the batteries are removed 

Snow blowers Capitol will NOT pick up. Call 1-800-GOT JUNK
Sod Call Boston Bark at 781-647-7500
They will take it for a fee.
Styrofoam Does NOT go out with curbside recycling.

Styrofoam packing peanuts can be dropped off at Mail Boxes Etc. 738 Main St, Waltham.

All Styrofoam can be recycled at Conigliaro Industries in Framingham for a fee.


Waltham Police Station, 781-314-3528, to make arrangements.

Residents may no longer put syringes in the trash. For mail back services:  Stericycle 1-800-355-8773 or Medasend 1-800-200-3581.


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Product Alternative
Tanks (acetyne torch, propane, oxygen, helium) Acetyne torches: Arco Welding Supply Co.
200 Eastern Ave,
Malden, MA 02148
Will recycle torches, will accept residential tanks for disposal w/purchase of new. All other cylinder tanks will be evaluated by sight

Propane Tank: Minuteman Hazardous Waste see: Hazardous Waste

Others- empty and bring to scrap yard


Call Capitol Waste 617-569-1718. Pick-up curbside on your regular trash day. Call ahead for appointment.  Monitors only.

Includes flat screen T.V.s




Exchange for digital thermometer.

Bring to Waltham Recycling Dept, Municipal Center, 165 Lexington St to exchange for digital thermometer.

Tires All tires may be taken to any Tire store to recycle for a small fee.

Creonte Tire ($5.00)
127 Linden Street
Waltham, MA

Routhier and Sons, Inc.
256 Ayer Rd
Littleton, MA

Toaster oven Capitol Waste
Toaster ovens should be put out with the regular trash

Capitol Waste does not pick up toilets.
See: Construction Waste Brochure

Conigliaro, Framingham 888-266-4425 $12 ea

allows shoppers to buy, swap, sell or donate unwanted or used toys. Items are available by sending a toy of the same value or by paying cash
Trees Bartlett Tree Experts
Auburndale, MA

LaFleur Tree and Landscape Service
Valley Drive
Waltham, MA

Pollock Brothers Tree Service
Weston, MA

McDonough Tree Removal
Percy Road
Lexington, MA

Middlesex Tree Service
Marret Road
Burlington, MA

Treadmill If the treadmill is in working order consider donating or selling it.
Call Capitol Waste 24 hours before your scheduled trash pickup day. 1-866-569-1718
Typewriter Typewriters can be put in the trash
Typewriter ribbons are not hazardous

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Product Alternative

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Product Alternative
Video Tape Lacerta Group
360 Forbes Blvd
Mansfield, MA
Will recycle video only.

ACT Recycling Program
Non-profit employment training program for people with disabilities. Must pay your own shipping but is tax deductible.

You can put them in the trash

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W - Z

Product Alternative
Washing Machine Call Capitol Waste at (617)569-1718.
Can be picked up on your recycling day, let Capitol Waste know that it will be outside
Weed Whacker Empty all the oil out, and then you can put it out with your regular trash
Windows Capitol Waste
617-569-1718 or 1-866-569-1718
Glass must be broken out of frames and put into barrel or box clearly labeled GLASS.
The frames must be broken down in less than 4’ bundles and tied. Only put out small amounts at one time for regular trash
Wood (lumber, branches, brush, trimmmings, trees) Capitol Waste
1-866-569-1718 or 617-569-1718
Branches MUST BE bundled, and less than 2 in in diameter and 3 ft lengths. Capitol Waste will not accept any 2x4 debris from home improvement

B.M.C. Corporation
508-667-2171 stumps, yard waste, tree chips pallets, fencing, logs, No treated or painted wood

Conigliaro Industries in Framingham will recycle clean, mixed, and pressure-treated wood for a fee.
Contact website for price quotes and additional information.

Wrapping paper Capitol Waste will take only paper that does NOT contain wax or foil, or any ribbon. Never burn in fireplace.
Must be folded flat and placed in paper bag.
Corrugated boxes should be collapsed for recycling,

1-866-569-1718 or 617-569-1718

X-Ray Can be disposed in the regular trash.
Yard Waste Capitol Waste collects yard waste every other week based on bin color from April to December.

It is illegal to throw away yard waste in regular trash pickup.

Place yard waste (leaves and grass only) in paper leaf bags or in barrels marked “Yard Waste”.
Twigs and branches should be less than 2 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet long.
Must be bundled and tied.

Consult recycling calendar for leaf vacuuming program and biweekly yard waste pickup.

Please consider composting your leaves for your lawn and garden

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