What can I do about Racial or Gender Profiling?

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Prevention of Racial and Gender Profiling<p "="">The Waltham Police Department is committed to protecting the constitutional and civil rights of all citizens.  Allegations of racial and gender profiling or discriminatory practices, real or perceived, are detrimental to the relationship between police and the community we protect and serve, because they strike at the basic foundation of public trust.  This trust is essential to effective community oriented policing.  

This Department does not endorse, train, teach, support or condone any type of bias, stereotyping, or racial and gender profiling by its members.  While recognizing that most officers perform their duties in a professional, ethical and impartial manner, this Department is committed to identifying and eliminating any instances of racial and gender profiling. 

Complaints of Racial or Gender Profiling:

Complaint Procedures:   

This Department will investigate all reported incidents alleging that a member of this Department acted inappropriately because of reasons of racial or gender profiling. These investigations are carried out to determine if there is any validity to the complaint, and also to identify any potential patterns or trends that may create the impression that racial or gender profiling may be taking place, whether there is any basis for such impressions or perceptions. 

 Any person may file a complaint with this Department if they feel they have been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic, or gender-based profiling, and no person shall be discouraged, intimidated, or coerced from filing such a complaint, or discriminated against because they have filed such a complaint.

Where there is a complaint lodged against a member of this Department alleging inappropriate enforcement action or treatment because of reasons of racial or gender profiling, the Shift Commander, or designee having at least the rank of Sergeant, will attend to the individual without any unnecessary delay.  

Racial or Gender Profiling Massachusetts Toll Free Hotline:

On April 1, 2001, under the provisions of the Massachusetts Racial and Gender Profiling Law, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety established a Racial and Gender Profiling hotline.

Call Toll Free 1-866-6 RACIAL.

This toll-free Hotline was established for motorists to report incidents in which they or someone they know was stopped by a police officer while driving a motor vehicle, and they believe the stop was made solely on the basis of race or gender.

Below is more information about the HOTLINE.
Please note: The HOTLINE is intended for reporting purposes only; any questions about this hotline may be directed to the Office of the Legal Counsel. All media questions are to be addressed to theCommunications Director.

  • The HOTLINE is only for reporting incidents in which you or someone you know was stopped by a police officer while driving a motor vehicle.
    Complaints regarding non-motor vehicle stops may be addressed directly to the police department involved.
  • The Massachusetts Racial Profiling HOTLINE is for reporting purposes only. EOPS cannot investigate any reports or complaints.
  • Any information provided to this HOTLINE will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for further investigation.
  • Citizens are allowed to make a report anonymously, if they desire.
  • Citizens are also encouraged to contact the police department that was involved in any suspected incident of racial profiling, and file a report with that agency.

Callers are asked to have the following information ready when calling:

The DATE of the incident

The TIME of the incident

The LOCATION of the incident

The NAME of the police department that was involved.

Contact information for any witnesses to the incident.

If you were issued a citation, please have it available.