Have any hazardous waste to get rid of? Join us for one of our 2017 Minuteman Hazardous Waste Dates!

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Did you know that residents may take their hazardous products to the Minuteman Hazardous Products Facility in Lexington, MA, FREE OF CHARGE, one weekend day per month, April through November? This includes products such as oil based paint, thinner, linseed oil, used motor oil, antifreeze, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Simply bring proof of Waltham residency - license or Waltham bill and try to take all your hazardous products at one time and limit your visits to once per season. Only have one item? Try collecting with your neighbors!

See page 2 of our brochure for more information, a list of drop-off dates, and a list of what products are accepted at the Minuteman facility: www.city.waltham.ma.us/2017-2018RecyclingBrochure

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