Beaver Street Area 5A

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Update 09-18-17:

Aqua Line Utility Inc. is in the process of submitting material and equipment specifications for approval.  Work on Phase 1 is expected to begin by the end of September 2017.

Project Description:

The City has awarded the construction portion of this project to Aqua Line Utility Inc. of Weymouth, MA.  The project will be broken into two phases.  The first phase will consist of constructing the relief sewer through the Beaver Street / Lyman Street rotary.  This new sewer line will prevent the occurrence of surcharging and sewer main backups along Valley View Road and Beaver Street.  The second phase of the construction project will be the rehabilitation of the sewer system throughout Area 5A.  This portion of the project will be aimed at the removal of Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) and fixing structural defects in the system by replacing sections of sewer main, replacing manholes, lining sections of sewer main, rehabilitating manholes, heavy cleaning of sewer lines, and the replacement of service lines.  The contractor will be preforming test pits at many of the residences in the project area to determine the material and age of the water and sewer service lines.  Those services found to be constructed of an out of date material will be replaced up to the property line.  After all rehabilitation work is completed the contractor will pave the roadways in the project area which were dug up to restore a finished surface in the Spring / Summer of 2018.

Please contact John Martino of the Engineering Department by phone, 781-314-3828 or email, if you have any questions or concerns.

Attached are the construction plans for the Phase 1 relief sewer. 

Attached are the construction maps for the Phase 2 I/I removal and rehabilitation.  

Attached is a map of Area 5A.