What are the requirements for Abutter Notification?

Effective immediately, all filings requiring notification to abutters shall follow the policy listed below.
Abutter Notification Language taken directly from Chapter 131, Section 40 of MGL

"Any person filing a notice of intention with a conservation commission shall at the same time give written notification thereof, by delivery in hand or certified mail, return receipt requested, to all abutters within one-hundred feet of the property line of the land where the activity is proposed, at the mailing addresses shown on the most recent applicable tax list of the assessors, including, but not limited to, owners of land directly opposite said proposed activity on any public or private street or way, and in another municipality or across a body of water. Said notification shall be at the applicant’s expense, and shall state where copies of the notice of intention may be examined and obtained and where information regarding the date, time and place of the public hearing may be obtained. Proof of such notification, with a copy of the notice mailed or delivered, shall be filed with the conservation commission. "

{For the purposes of filing a Notice of  Intent (NOI), Abbreviated Notice of Intent (ANOI), Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) or Request for Amended Order of Conditions (AOC), the Waltham Conservation Commission requires that the list of abutters be a certified list of abutters obtained in person from the City of Waltham Assessor's Office. Failure to provide a certified abutters list shall be deemed reason to reject the associated filing as incomplete.}

The Assessor's office is located at City Hall, 610 Main Street, Lower Level. Phone#: 781-314-3200