Ad-Hoc Committees

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Ad-Hoc Committees

There are currently five Ad-Hoc Committees: the committee for use of former Fernald property, the committee to examine the council committee structures, the committee to study the re-use of the former Fitch School, the FOG Ordinance Advisory, and the Ambulance Service Review Committee.

* Indicates chairman of Committee


1. Committee for Use of the Former Fernald Property:

John J. McLaughlin *
George A. Darcy, III
Stephen F. Rourke
Joseph W. Vizard
VP, Diane P. LeBlanc


2. Committee to Examine the Council Committee Structure:

Robert J. Waddick *
Stephen F. Rourke
William H. Fowler
Former Councillor Edmund Tarallo
Former Councillor Sally Collura


3. Committee to Study the Re-Use of the Former Fitch School:

Stephen F. Rourke *
Kathleen B. McMenimen
Robert G. Logan
VP, Diane P. LeBlanc
Joseph W. Vizard


4. FOG Ordinance Advisory Council:

Randy LeBlanc *Co-Chair
Charles Lombardi *Co-Chair
Robert Coleman - Clerk
Joseph LaCava
Paul Finger
Jerome Nocera
Michael Columba


5. Ambulance Service Review Committee

Robert G. Logan
William F. Fowler