What should I do if I am missing my animal?

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Call the Animal Control Officer at 781-314-3596 to report your animal missing and to check to see if your animal has been picked up.  During non-business hours, contact Waltham Police Department Operations at 781-314-3600 and inquire whether your animal has been found.  If not, ask for a police blotter item entry with a description of your pet and your contact information.  If you find your animal before we do, please contact Waltham Police Department Operations at 781-314-3600 to notify us that your pet has been found and to cancel the police blotter entry notifying officers to look for your pet.  If your animal has not been found, please be patient for we will continue looking for it. Check with the Animal Control Officer at 781-314-3596 during business hours on the status of your lost pet.

The best way to ensure the safe return of your lost animal is to have a current city dog license and rabies tag on the animal.  In most cases, animals wearing tags can be returned to the owner instead of being impounded.  If no one is home, the officer will leave a note or a phone message advising the animal was picked up.  Please remember animals will sometimes lose their tags or have them removed by someone.  Even if your animal leaves home wearing a collar and tags, there is always a chance the collar may not be on when the animal is picked up. Microchips are also a great way to assist us in identifying you pet if collars are lost.

Impounded dogs are brought to Natick Animal Clinic and held for ten (10) days after being picked up. Based on the animals disposition, they will make every attempt to have the dog transferred to a shelter after the ten day limit or have the dog adopted out. Dogs held after 10 days that are not candidates for adoption are euthanized.